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Immerse yourself in the international debut of 29Rooms! 
Created in collaboration with artists, creators and the community, 29Rooms: Lost & Found has 29 interactive spaces open for all to pause, laugh and wonder. 

Step in and discover sensorial experiences designed for surprise and contemplation, celebration, and reflection. 

Details of Experience

Welcome to the immersive world of 29Rooms.

Let us take you on a journey through 29 different spaces where you can have fun, reflect, contemplate, interact, eat, drink and most importantly play! 

  • Editorial Rooms
    Each room is steeped in local culture and bring to life the essence of the 29Rooms philosophy and theme.
  • Brand Rooms
    Four brand-led innovative experiental rooms.
  • The X Room
    A unique space for international acts and local community initiatives.
  • Discovery Rooms
    Enclosed exhibitions in rooms.
  • Beacon Rooms
    Eye-catching exhibition landmarks that draws you in. Compelling on the outside as it is on the inside.
  • Open Rooms
    Open space exhibitions that can be freely enjoyed from multiple angles.

Each space is a world of its own - from a fully immersive digital playground to a room where you can create your very own work of art! From workshops to sleepzones to Instagram dens and a fully licensed café and bar too you'll find something for you, your friends and your family to enjoy.

Our Hero Rooms

Forest Theatre

  • The first space to greet you as you step into our 29Rooms world. The Forest Theatre is a multi-sensory experience that transports you into a space enveloped in mist, backlit trees, and the entrancing interplay of light, darkness and sound.

    With the iconic 29 Questions projected all around you, it is the perfect starting point to rediscover and reflect on life’s idiosyncrasies and act as your guide for the 29Rooms experience. 

Paradise Found

  • What do we all desire in our modern world that is filled with unending interruptions, noise and chaos? Find a true moment of peace that belongs to you at Paradise Found.

    The ultimate definition of ‘Me Time’, this is a tongue-in-cheek take on the modern-day nirvana that features two artists’ creative interpretations of the humble porcelain bowl.

    Be sure to take home artwork by Aeropalmics simply by snapping a photo of yourself at Paradise Found and post it on social media tagging both 29Rooms Asia and Share the Epic. 

Merry Go Round

  • What are some of life’s cyclical routines? Step into the Merry Go Round, where we get to visualise our daily routine in the third person.

    From the 8am work commute to midnight pre-sleep social media scrolls in bed, here, six sections mirror different times of day and the mundanity of everyday life. And while you ponder upon these routines, the choice is yours…will you stay on or step off?

Dora’s Diary

  • Reconnect with the lost innocent wonder we all had as you step into Dora’s Diary. See the world through a wide-eyed eight-year-old girl from Shanghai, Dora and her diary entries.

    Alongside her larger-than-life diary, build upon her world and add your own entries guided by bullet journaling artist, StephTCreates. 

    Pen down your thoughts on the different journaling books available and share your part of the story. 

Flag Your Goals

  • Goals, we all have them. Flag Your Goals is a space for you to state your ambitions  out loud and proud, and even give yourself that extra push to accomplish your dreams. Here,

    you’ll be able to print your hopes on a t-shirt and add to the interactive space for all to see — before collecting it before leaving 29Rooms. The best part? No one ever has to know whether you’ve completed them or not.


  • Created in collaboration with internationally renowned multimedia artist Desmond Leung, Huetopia is an all-encompassing art installation that explores the relationship between humans, nature and colours.

    With the aim to elicit personal memories and  thoughts, immerse yourself in the enclosed 120 sq. m. gradient-hued space where you are invited to re-examine the poetic nature humans once had with colour. 


  • Crawl in, grab a pillow or two and come through for the ultimate experience tailored to modern luxury of rest at Insomnia.

    Get cosy in the larger-than-life 60 sq. m. circular bed and catch some much-needed Z’s, or contemplate your relationship with the hustle culture as you stare at the revolving mobile of giant sheep hanging above you.

Nice To Meet You

  • Nurture sparks between strangers and old friends alike at Nice To Meet You, a café that has been designed to encourage interaction. Think of unexpected furnishings that require participation beyond one’s self to function, including a see-saw-turned-couple’s chair and a five-person table balanced on a set of springs.

Make A Mess

  • Let loose, forget the rules and step into the ultimate creative blank canvas at Make A Mess — a space where both adults and kids are free to paint to their hearts’ content on an all-white living room in any shade they want.

    Splatter away with friends or scribble your innermost confessions because no one will know since the room will be reset each week to provide a chance to…re-make that mess.

What's Included

  • Admission: 1 Adult/ticket (18years and above)
  • Free admission for children 6years and younger
  • $4 off F&B
  • 15% off merch items

F&B areas are in Nice to Meet You and X-Room. Merch areas are across from Nice to Meet You.

*Redemption is limited to 1 each for each discount. Please present your ticket to the staff to apply the discount.


  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Option workshops within the exhibition


Gardens by The Bay, West Lawn
18 Marina Gardens Dr
Singapore 018953

Please note that the exhibition is indoors and is a rain or shine event.

Dates & Timing of Event

24 Mar: 4pm, 6pm

Sat - Sun
18/25/26 Mar: 2pm, 4pm, 6pm

We generally recommend that sessions last around two hours but if you want to stay longer, feel free to do so!

*This package is for Weekend tickets only. For our Weekday tickets, please book here instead.

How to Redeem

*After payment is made, we will be reaching out to you to re-confirm your booking details as well as the number of children (6years and below) attending with you. After we have received these information, you will be sent your e-tickets within 3 working days.

If you urgently need the tickets, feel free to reach out to us at with the above mentioned information.

Due to crowd controlling measures, we may reach out to you for rescheduling if your desired timeslot is too crowded. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

On the day itself, please present your e-ticket at the ticket counter.

Other Terms & Conditions

Tickets booked are strictly non-refundable but if your plans change you are free to change your date / session up to 48hours before your session booking date as long as there is space in your preferred session.

For any changes to your date / session after receiving your e-ticket(s), please contact 29Room's customer service team for assistance.


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