Jun 26, 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Join us this June as Vision Ease Eyewear open their lens manufacturing factory and allow you to experience the whole process of how we make the lens and spectacles for the eyewear retailers in Singapore!

In fact, you can even experience the whole process from filtering out the lens of your eye power to cutting the lens to fit in the frame that you choose.

You would also gain insights into optical trade terminology such as hi-index lenses, computer lenses, blue light etc.

The experiential workshop will cover:

- Selection of the lenses
- Learning about the various functions of the lenses
- Checking the lens power and optical centre
- Programming in PD and scanning of eye shape
- Glazing of the optical lenses
- Touch up of the lenses before fitting
- Fitting of lenses to the frame
- QC check on the workmanship
- Cleaning of the frame and lenses

In this experiential session, you would also have all the common questions answered:

- How to take care of spectacles
- How should spectacles fit
does wearing spectacles improve eyesight and many more...

Enjoy a free eye examination on us!


*Suitable for participants 5 years old and above!


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